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Access Control

In today’s market commercial establishments and other institutions need to secure themselves from intruders more than ever. Access control systems are purposely installed to odit incoming persons.


These days the needs to feel safe and secure while both in and out of your home. If you don’t know that your cheap locks and security systems are inviting burglars to break in, you are putting your home safety at the back seat!


All of our technicians are certified by the bureau of security and investigative services to provide a secure and dependable service to all of our clients.


Lion Security Locksmith is what you can rely upon when you are locked out of your home or your car. It’s what you rely upon when a break-in damage needs to be served instantly. It’s what you rely upon when an urgent business security issue has arisen.

Closed Camera TV

The grim reality of insecurity and crime is a cause of consternation to each of us. Increasing violence, flouting of laws, and disgusting crime acts need endeavors that could put a check on these and serve us a better quality of life.

Safes Security

Relying on cabinets for the protection of your valuable home belongings? It’s more a storage than protection or access control. Cash, jewelry, gun ,documents , electronics – all have to be kept hidden for general inaccessibility and to prevent any potential theft.

Services Area

Lion Security Locksmith provides locksmith services in near by areas of Los Angeles as well. Lion Locksmith provides services in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Beach cities and other areas too.

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