Lion Security Locksmith Featured Brands

According to a recent report, United States witnesses more than 2 million home burglaries every year. On an average, a burglary occurs every 13 seconds on US soil. For people in Los Angeles, the risk is greater and homeowners also need to consider the potential life risk along with loss of property. Another report says that 9 out of 10 burglars wouldn’t enter a home when they encounter a strict alarm/home security system. As such, home without them are 3.5 times more exposed to an intrusion. As such, no one is exempt from an attack.

Lion Security Locksmith can prove to be an exceptional security solution and service provider. The experts don’t just come with years of experience but the most updated technologies couples with innovative security systems. We have a large selection of locks-keys and security systems that will fit every type of budget. The company provides residential and commercial locksmith services throughout Los Angeles and even provides emergency locksmith services.

Here are 10 most popular brands/products from Lion Security Locksmith:

#1 Mul-t-lock (High Security Locks)

Mul-t-lock has been one of the most cutting edge brands that have engaged in security products and services for the past 40 years. The four way lock systems have been conveniently engineered for specific environments and highly secure solutions. The brand has its network in more than 70 countries and 20,000 service centers deployed across the globe. As such, users get lifetime warranty from the manufacturer on any form of mechanical failure.

#2 Baldwin (Design Locks)

Baldwin entered the security market as an “American Dream” and since 1940; it has gained huge popularity for its highly innovative and original designs and impeccable solutions. Baldwin locks are a true representation of the security systems that had been used through the ancient human history and integrates modern day engineering to present solutions that both look good and work well. Users of Baldwin get a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

#3 Emtek (Design Locks)

Another popular manufacturer of designer locks, Emtek can accentuate your home décor with top end security installations. The products witness a variety of finishes, interior themes and engineering combinations. Emtek locks also come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

#4 Paxton (Access Control)

The innovative Access Control technology used in Paxton locks enables the home owner to control every entry/entrant into a building. Paxton technology helps you go beyond the traditional lock and key security system, offering convenience, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Paxton products come with 5 years of manufacturing warranty.

#5 Schlage (Locks and Security Hardware)

Schlage integrates home security automation systems, allowing the user to control the doors and windows from anywhere in the globe. This makes security hassle free and stricter. Schlage systems come with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

#6 DKS (Door King Security) – Access Control

DKS presents a range of security solutions ranging from top end access control installations to the traditional stand alone devices. The company also offers an innovative product line including RF controls, magnetic locks, keypads, electric locks and several other security alternatives. Each of the products comes with 2 years of manufacturing warranty.

#7 Linear (Access Control)

Linear comes with more than a decade of experience in home and commercial security and specializes in an access control installations. From single door to multiple monitored points of entry, you will find a range of products suiting your requirements and budget. Each product from Access comes with 3 years of manufacturing warranty.

#8 LTS (Security Cameras)

LTS offers highly reliable products that stand up to the high reputation of the company. Apart from the high end technology integrations in security camera and surveillance, LTS is also popular for its convenient customer service. As such, most LTS products come with 3 years of manufacturing warranty.

#9 Viking (Access Control)

Another home security leader, Viking specializes in access control products and services. The brand has established itself as a “Problem Solver” in the residential/commercial security market and offers 1 year of manufacturing warranty on all its products.

#10 American Security (Safes)

An industry leader for over 60 years, American security offers a broad spectrum of security products and services. It is best known for its safes and consulting services.

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