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Video surveillance is a booming business. The products are not only used by national security agencies and related departments, but video surveillance equipment are increasingly being used by homeowners all across the globe. The reason for better monitoring is pretty straightforward. Right from the infamous Boston Marathon bombings to regular threats of thefts and other household crimes, privacy and security concerns are major issues. While it’s true that no amount of security can eliminate risks completely, CCTV and Video Surveillance equipment do give you better monitoring platforms. Lion Security Locksmith as such has come up with an impressive product line in this category, meeting the needs of business places and households alike.

The grim reality of insecurity and crime is a cause of consternation to each of us. Increasing violence, flouting of laws, and disgusting crime acts need endeavors that could put a check on these and serve us a better quality of life. With kind of surveillance systems as closed-circuit television (CCTV) are, we can assume crime prevention to some degree. Alcohol-involving or law-flouting acts on the roads or bombings at public places, property crimes like shop-lifting or ransacking, nothing escapes from the eyes of powerful hi-tech CCTV cameras. More and more businesses are now taking a more proactive approach and updating their security systems to get a higher degree of surveillance and crime protection. And if you think it’s an equipment only for the crowded places, spend a moment thinking how your home too is in need of surveillance outdoors and indoors to detect or record any suspicious activity!

Benefits of CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment

From a simple video monitoring system installed in your baby’s room to a larger surveillance solution for a business/production premise, CCTV and Video Surveillance equipment integrate several advantages.

  • Round the clock monitoring: CCTV and Video Surveillance cameras work both in daylight and after dark.
  • High definition images: Modern CCTV and Video Surveillance equipment provided by Lion Security Locksmith integrated high definition imagery, and capture details in the best resolutions.
  • Thermal imaging: Thermal CCTVs can detect intrusion over long distance using thermal imaging. The range of these equipment ranges to about 4 kilometers, even in poor lighting conditions.
  • Alarm verification: CCTV monitoring systems can be coupled with alarms.
  • Remote controlled: CCTV and Video Surveillance products from Lion Security Locksmith allow monitoring your premises remotely.

CCTV Cameras from Lion Security Locksmith

Lion Security Locksmith offers a wide range of equipment and technology when it comes to remote monitoring through CCTV and Video Surveillance systems. We present the top notch designs. Some of our most popular solutions include:

  • Analog 960H D1 with range of 700-1000 TVL starting at $129 a camera
    Designs include dome cameras, eye ball cameras, bullet cameras and PTZ cameras
  • HDSDI 720p – 1080p 3 mega pixel full HD starting at $249 a camera
    Designs include dome cameras, eye ball cameras, bullet cameras and PTZ cameras
  • IP HD cameras with 1080p full HD starting at $249 a camera
    Designs include dome cameras, eye ball cameras, bullet cameras and PTZ cameras
  • Wide Range of DVR, HD-DVR, Hybrid DVR, NVRs starting at $299 a piece
    DVR’s and Cameras from Lion Security Locksmith come with 3 years warranty

Lion Security Locksmith CCTV Camera Services

Apart from the best CCTV and Video Surveillance camera equipment, Lion Security Locksmith provides a range of associated services including installation and repairs. We cater to all forms of installation including residential, commercial and industrial services throughout Los Angeles. Our clients include private home owners, shopping malls and other commercial and government departments. Lion Security Locksmith has been providing video surveillance services in Los Angeles for over a decade now. As such, we are the leading service provider in this category and are trusted by more than tens of thousands customers.

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